Monday, August 17, 2009

WLWT Hires New News Director

We just found out about this, after being out all day...

WLWT announced today that they've hired Stacy Owen as news director. She comes here from Sacramento, California's KXTV, says John Kiesewetter today. (On a related note, the old blog format [which relied on something called Pluck Persona], was replaced and the URL's are now MUCH cleaner.)

One of Owen's first priorities, of course, is to replace Derek Beasley, who announced this morning his plans to head to Mobile, Alabama to work for Newport Television station WPMI-TV.

And A Reminder: As happened today, the news could get ahead of us the rest of the week as we take time to do various birthday-related obligations. (If you didn't get the hint this morning, we'll make it obvious: Your Tri-State Media Watcher is turning 24 on Wednesday.)

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