Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Update: WOXY staying on 91.7 HD-2; Moon Out at B105

UPDATE 6:30 PM 8/13: Thanks to an alert reader, we DO have an image of WKRC-TV 12's new logo below. It isn't the best quality, but it's a good look at it from the Western Hills Press' newspaper this week. By the way, we were wrong...the 12 is in white here, not black. The other lettering and numbering is definitely in black though. Thanks to Alex for sending this in to us!

The original item is below...


As we hit midweek, unfortunately the news isn't good at one radio cluster this morning...

Moon Abruptly Leaves B105: This happened around 9:00 this morning, and was very unexpected.

Travis Moon is out as "B105" WUBE-FM 105.1/Cincinnati's program director. Stepping into the role is WKRQ-FM 101.9/Cincinnati Assistant PD Grover Collins, who also takes over programming duties at "97.3 The Wolf" WYGY-FM 97.3/Ft. Thomas.

The change is being reported by numerous sources, including All Access.

Now we're not sure what, if anything, this means for WKRQ. But we can't hear the Q102 stream right now. And 10 AM-3 PM had been Collins' normal shift on Q. We'll be on top of it...

WOXY Remains on HD: WVXU and will stay linked as they are now after the station moves later this year.

The Kiese blog has the details:

A Time Warner coaxial cable will connect's new studios in an Austin theater with a sound stage (perfect for live, in-studio performances) with WVXU-FM here, says Rich Eiswerth, president and CEO of Cincinnati Public Radio.

This is a great move by WOXY to figure out the way to maintain a presence here. Many people still don't like the idea of the move...but as reported before, this will give them access to more bands, as many didn't come through here.

WKRC-TV In HD Soon: That's how it appears, judging by the slight change in appearance for the Newport Television-owned WKRC-TV 12/Cincinnati.

We were out in downtown Cincinnati yesterday as a WKRC live van drove by us at 6th and Vine. Suddenly, we noticed the logo looked different.

The slight alteration colors the logo red, with the 12 in a white square and colored either red or black. We didn't get a close look, much less a picture.

The new logo hasn't made it to air yet, however. We're watching CW Cincinnati right now (aka Local 12.2), and the logo is still red, white and yellow.

When we posed the question on our personal twitter, John Gumm saw the bat signal and replied with "HD is coming...HD is coming...".

It's been rumored since WXIX went HD last year that WKRC would be next...and their set (which debuted this year) is HD ready... could the launch happen this month? Stay tuned...

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