Thursday, August 20, 2009

PROGRAMMING ALERT: Louisville NFL Flip Tonight

We've gotten word of this quite by accident.

Last week we noted schedules for WDRB-TV 41/Louisville and WMYO-TV 58/Louisville when WDRB carried the Bengals/Saints tilt and WMYO carried Indianapolis' game against the then pre-Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings, which of course bumped both MyNetworkTV and Fox programming.

Well this week, you can flip those teams.

WDRB carries the nationally televised FOX contest between Indianapolis and Philadelphia. That sends the Cincinnati Bengals' game against the New England Patriots over to...WMYO.

That, of course, prompts WMYO to bounce the MyNetwork TV movie tonight. "Nuns On The Run" will, however, air immediately following Bengals football on WMYO.

Fast forward to next week...and surprise, surprise...WMYO and WDRB face the same situation. The exact same schedule will be used next week, except the movie "Sweepers" is what gets the bounce on WMYO to 10:30 (or as soon as the Bengals/Rams tilt finishes).

However, a situation may arise next week, and we'll cover that Monday, where if the Bengals don't sell out for next Thursday's Rams/Bengals game at Paul Brown Stadium, nobody will see the WKRC-TV produced game due to NFL blackout rules...

And by the way, the FOX contest isn't affected in Dayton. WKEF 22/Dayton will carry the Bengals game there - but just like last week, we can't find accurate programming info on the ABC 22 or WRGT-TV 45/Dayton "FOX 45" websites.

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