Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birthday Day Post

UPDATE 2PM: Oops. We goofed.

The Bengals played against the Saints last week. This week, it's the New England Patriots! Our bad...this is what a 5 am post gets ya sometimes!

This will pretty much clear our plate for today. Again: it's Your Tri-State Media Watcher's 24th birthday today - so we're trying to stay away from anything that's work-related. But...these two items need to be talked about:

WKRC Announces Thursday Night/Friday Morning Schedule: Another Bengals game forces WKRC-TV 12 to move their primetime schedule.

Here's the expected schedule. As announced last week, if the game runs late, adjust accordingly and plan on recording everything from 1:30 AM on until 5:00 AM...

8 PM: Bengals/New England Patriots game
11 PM: Local12 News Live at 11
11:35 PM: Late Show with David Letterman
12:35 AM: Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
1:35 AM: Big Brother 11
2:35 AM: CSI
3:35 AM: The Mentalist

WCPO Antenna Boost: The FCC approved the WCPO-TV request for a boost of their power to their digital antenna.

WCPO has boosted their power from 19 kilowatts to 28 kilowatts. That maximizes the power available to them.

We, along with the folks at WCPO, hope that solves most of the digital transition woes they experienced. They have advised that those who didn't get the station before rescan, and those who had a weak signal should see improvement. However, this article also informs viewers still having issues to call the station and leave a message.

Still yet uncertain is the solution to WKRC's issues with THEIR VHF signal. There's yet to be a request to up their power or change allocations made, or at least posted to the FCC database as of this writing...

Again: This Blog Space takes a break today to celebrate yours truly's 24th. We're back Thursday, then gone for the weekend and back for good Monday!

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