Monday, August 10, 2009

Midday Monday Blues

QUICK UPDATE 2:50 AM 8/11: We missed this little tidbit.

Remember we told you over a month ago that WXIX would be launching the FOX19 Evening News at 6? Well, we just remembered that the start date for the 6 PM version of the newscast is September 21.

As that's 5 weeks into the football season, we didn't note this...but on Fridays once the newscast launches its 6 PM half hour, FOX19 will put all of the news into that half hour, leaving 6:30 PM for the football preview program.

Mark down the date: The 1/2 hour Friday newscasts will begin September 25th, with that week's feature game of Simon Kenton versus Conner.

And we also forgot to tell you the name of the is the FOX19 Friday Prep Rally...

The entire original item follows:


Yes, many people may be singing the Monday blues... but we're doing okay here at TSMW (minus pulling a back muscle late last week which forced an ER visit which you can read about on my other blog)... so let's kick off the week:

WAKW Names New PD: 50,000 watt Christian station WAKW has named a new Program Director, and it's someone who has actually worked fairly close to our territory.

Quoting John Kiesewetter's blog of last week:

Christian WAKW-FM (Star 93.3) has a new boss: Randy James has been hired as program director to replace Kurt Wallace, who left in April to a Christian station on the air in Indianapolis. James has worked for WVMX-FM in Cleveland, WMMX-FM in Dayton and KHMX-FM in Houston.

There is one mistake that our friends at Ohio Media Watch caught when they covered their local angle of this one (that of James' tenure in Cleveland).

WVMX has never been a Cleveland station. It was the former "Mix 94.1" here (94.1's calls are now WNNF-FM), and now those calls reside on Saga station WVMX-FM "Mix" 107.9/Delaware, Ohio.

Pillar of Fire Ministries owns WAKW-FM here, along with stations in New Jersey and Denver...

"Data" Interview on WMKV-FM: That's right...we're talking about the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" character.

Brent Spiner, who played that character on the hit show, did a recent interview with WMKV 89.3/Cincinnati about his newest album, called "Dreamland".

We for one did not know Spiner sang, nor are we really the target demographic of WMKV. But, Kiese has this one covered as well:

So when Spiner released his new "Dreamland" concept album -- best described as part radio drama, and part Broadway musical -- George Zahn and Mike Martini at WMKV-FM sent him several emails requesting an interview. After all, WMKV airs Broadway music and old radio shows. (They probably didn't tell Spiner than he's regularly been part of the station's "Tuesday Trivia" show at 4 p.m. Tuesdays, when Martini and Zahn ask listeners to identify the guy (Spiner) singing a song.)

Again: We're not really in WMKV's target demo...but we sure do remember Star Trek. This is worth listening to. The first part of the interview next airs tomorrow at 3 PM, with a repeat on Friday at 10 PM. Part two, including the entire "Dreamland" album, airs Sunday at 11 AM, next Tuesday (8/18) at 3 PM, and one week from Friday (8/21) at 10 PM.

This Just In - FOX 19 to Expand HS Football: Just got wind of this one, literally as we were typing the previous item.

WXIX-TV 19/Newport will expand their high school football coverage, says the station in this press release.

They'll blow out the 6:30 PM half hour of the FOX19 Evening News on Fridays beginning late this month, to air a high school football preview show. This effort will go through the entire football season. We do believe, and Kiese has confirmed this in a blog JUST posted, that they'll squeeze major breaking news in as well. And Steve Horstmeyer will do weather during the sports show.

We will wait to judge the sports show until it debuts and we've watched a couple of them. But this is a good move on paper by FOX19...

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