Monday, August 17, 2009

The "Post-" Monday Mix

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE 9:30 AM: We just got the word on Derek Beasley's new market location. And we were off...wayyyyy off.

Try Mobile, Alabama. This per Derek's Twitter:

To all that are wondering where I am going from here: chief meteorologist job in Mobile AL. Wish me luck!

To be more specific, after piecing another clue into the puzzle, we find that the station in question is WPMI-TV 15/Mobile. The clue was posted by John Gumm on a weather message board where we here at TSMW frequent.

Gumm said Beasley is going to be working for the same company (Newport Television) that owns WKRC/12 here. Guess who owns WPMI? Yup...Newport.

And we here at Tri-State Media Watch certainly DO wish Derek the best of luck...we'll keep an eye on this still young talent!

Original item below...


A lot of "Post-"'s in today's mix of items...

WKRC-TV Post-Anna Townsend: We're watching WKRC this morning, as is our habit when we're up at the early hours.

We're still of the impression that Liz Bonis is in the seat next to longtime anchor John Lomax. (Of course, at 5 AM, anyone's vision can be slightly blurry. And as we watch, we see that whoever's sitting in that anchor chair, didn't know to look right at the camera! Ugh. Then again, we can always chalk it up to being Monday. UPDATE 5:30 AM: And we can confirm that it's Liz Bonis in that chair as we finish typing this item.)

But they've definitely moved away from Anna Townsend's four year tenure with the station, quickly. That's really not surprising there. Considering that the very first story was about Cincinnati laying off workers, they can't dwell on their own loss for long...

WLWT Post-Derek Beasley: We were as surprised as many to learn that the chief meteorologist of WLWT-TV 5/Cincinnati had decided to move to another market last week. But we were not surprised at why this move is being made... and we figured Derek had never adjusted to the split-shift schedule WLWT had him working.

It looks like Beasley will be moving west, as we reported last week. We think this move will put him closer to his family, and we'll even take a stab at where he'll land.

We think he'll move somewhere in Oklahoma or Arkansas, to be nearer to his family...and our wild stab at the map points us to Springfield, Missouri or somewhere nearby.

We wouldn't really rule out Oklahoma City, Little Rock, or any other market somewhere in the central or southern states. But Springfield seems like as good a place as either of those to us.

Beasley will announce his destination sometime this week, and we very much could be wrong. But that's our speculative guess. (Call it one of our "musings".)

One thing we CAN tell you, is that Randi Rico is handling duties at channel 5 this morning. And, traffic reporter Brandon Hamilton is off today... as Lisa Cooney handles traffic in addition to her news duties. (She's doing well but slipped up coming out of the break. We'll call it a case of the "Mondays".)

WKRQ Post-Grover Collins: And rounding out the "Post-" series, we talk about WKRQ-FM 101.9/Cincinnati "Q102".

Later today, the first of two major changes takes effect, as we reported earlier. Grover Collins slides out of the midday chair at "Q" to take the Program Director duties for WUBE-FM 105.1/Cincinnati "B105" and WYGY-FM 97.3/Ft. Thomas "97.3 The Wolf", and his wife, former "Q" evening DJ Holly Morgan slides in from 10 AM to 3 PM.

We'll be up to listen to this change. But here's a couple musings:

-- We don't expect the 10 AM-3 PM slot to do away with one of Holly's major segments. We think "Guess What's In Holly's Purse" will remain in some form during the day, and may actually gain some players.

-- We don't think the "Pick Six" is necessarily departing with Grover, either. Our guess is Holly takes this one, as well.

-- We're thinking if any segment is likely to disappear, it'll be "Ladies Only" which Holly usually did at 9 PM. But, that could also remain in an hourly form. We'll see on this one.

-- Finally, unfortunately for Your Tri-State Media Watcher (as this was one of our favorite segments), we also think the "Friday Night Free-For-All" might have seen its last airing last week. That was something Holly did Fridays 7 PM - Midnight. And we doubt that comes back. Unless it's revamped as a "Lunchtime Free-For-All Friday"? Or will it carry on into the tenure of Jon? We don't know.

We'll find out. Again: we'll be listening to Q102 as the new lineup begins to make its presence felt today.

And Finally: Barring major news this week, this could be one of only two posts we get out this week, as life and something called a "24th birthday" gets in the way of blogging.

We'll definitively blog on Thursday with the "non-breaking" stuff, and can post from our twitter should the need arise - but do not count on us delivering blogs Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday as we take time to attend various birthday celebrations.

The good news is, this is the last time real life should get in the way for a few look for more regular updates from This Blog Space after this week...

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