Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bengals Football Kicks CBS Shows to Late Night

Tomorrow night, the Cincinnati Bengals take on the New Orleans Saints at 8 PM on WKRC-TV. (Boy, it seems like WKRC has ALL of today's TSMW news.) And with that comes programming pre-emptions.

-- If you're a Neil Diamond fan, take note: "Neil Diamond: Hot August Night: NYC" will air late Friday at 2:05 AM.

-- At 3:05 AM, Friday's rerun of "Ghost Whisperer" will be shown. No word on if Friday's "Numb3rs" will air here.

-- If you're in Dayton or within range of the WHIO 7 antenna, both shows will air at the regularly scheduled time of 8 PM and 10 PM respectively.

-- Allow some extra time, just in case. You may want to set the DVR's to record everything between, say, 3 AM and 6 AM. If the game runs long, the rest of the night gets pushed back accordingly.

-- Speaking of Dayton, WKEF 22 carries this week's game live - but it's not known yet what their schedule will be.

-- WRGT 45 will air the game in Dayton as well...but theirs will be a delayed airing on Sunday from 12-3 PM.

-- And we head down to Louisville, where WDRB 41 will be airing that game. That pushes FOX programming there to Sunday 5-7 PM.

-- Ironically, WMYO 58/Louisville ALSO airs a game that night when the Indianapolis Colts take on the Minnesota Vikings. That will push WWE Smackdown to a 10:30 PM airing.

We think that covers it... if anybody finds out what WKEF 22 plans to do about the ABC schedule tomorrow, email us. Link up at top right, just below our twitter feed...

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