Thursday, August 27, 2009

THIS JUST IN: Insight Subscribers Losing 3 More Basic Channels

If you subscribe to Insight's basic cable service, as we do here at TSMW...this affects you.

The Enquirer reported today on that Insight's Basic Cable subscribers will lose three more channels on September 1. That would be Tuesday.

Gone from BASIC ONLY: Oxygen (Channel 37), C-SPAN2 (Channel 12) and QVC (Channel 26).

If you've got the Digital 4.0 service, you're not affected, and those channels do remain in their original positions.

Basic customers who want to continue watching the three channels may request free equipment for a year from Insight by calling 1-877-542-5868, says the Enquirer report

Our take: Another move by Insight that will drive customers to either their digital service (or they hope so)...but, it might have the opposite effect.

We're not sure. But, we'll see if digital subscribership increases after the switchover...

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