Friday, August 28, 2009

Ohio Society of Professional Journalists Announces Awards

John Hingsbergen sent us word that WMUB-FM 88.5/Oxford picked up 10 awards, and had several second place showings as well, when the Society of Professional Journalists Ohio chapters (Cincinnati, Cleveland and Central Ohio) announced their list of winners.

Here's the list, as sent by John:

Radio Winners
Smaller Markets
Best Consumer Reporting
FIRST: Healing Touch,” Cheri Lawson, WMUB.

Best Continuing Coverage
FIRST: “SWAT Shooting in Lima,” Staff, WIMA.
SECOND: “Windstorm Aftermath,” News Team Staff, WMUB.

Best Enterprise Reporting
FIRST: “Fast Fungi,” Tana Weingartner, WMUB.
SECOND: “Sewing for Soldiers,” Gary Scott, WMUB.

Best Feature Reporting
FIRST: “The Two Miamis: Neepwaantiiyankwi,” Tana Weingartner, WMUB.
SECOND: “Model T Party,” Gary Scott, WMUB.

Best General Assignment
FIRST: “Palin in West Chester,” Tana Weingartner, WMUB.

Best Health Care Feature Reporting
FIRST: “Threshold Choirs,” Cheri Lawson, WMUB.
SECOND: “Healing Touch,” Cheri Lawson, WMUB.

Best Medical/Health Reporting
FIRST: “Alternative Healthcare,” Cheri Lawson, WMUB.

Best Minority Issues Coverage
FIRST: “WMUB Forum: Proposition 8 Protest,” Gary Scott and John Hingsbergen, WMUB.

Best Spot News
FIRST: “Explosion at Tuttle Construction,” Doug Jenkins, WIMA.
SECOND: “Palan Announcement Reax,” Tana Weingartner and Heather Reed, WMUB.

Radio Winners
Smaller Markets Individual/Station Honors

Best Anchor
FIRST: Body of work, Larry States, WAKR-WONE-WQMX.
SECOND: Body of work, Cheri Lawson, WMUB.

Best News Operation
FIRST: Body of work, News Team, WMUB.

Best Public Affairs Program
FIRST: “WMUB Forum: Year in Review,” Gary Scott and John Hingsbergen, WMUB.

Best Reporter
FIRST: Body of work, Tana Weingartner, WMUB.
SECOND: Body of work, Gary Scott, WMUB.

The list of all winners, across all mediums, is on the Ohio SPJ website here. There are just too many to list all of them, especially broadcast...

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