Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lightning Strikes Almost Every TV Tower in Town

You know how lightning always tends to strike the tallest object?

Well apparently on Tuesday, lightning did just that...and hit, seemingly, every TV station's tower AT THE SAME TIME.

Channels 5 and 12 both have either photo or video of the strikes on their towers. We haven't seen either 9 or 19's video yet.

But here, take a look at this courtesy of Local12 (we've cropped it slightly so it will fit the page, to look at it as it was posted, click here:)

We're not totally sure, but we think WLWT/5's tower is at far left, with WKRC/12's and WCPO/9's towers to the right. It looks about right to us, as this picture was taken from Mount Adams, best we can tell. That's Christ Hospital at center, we believe.

We don't know if WXIX/19's tower was hit, as it's to the west of the Western Hills Viaduct, co-located with WPTO/14's stick.

Isn't it amazing how this could happen? And ALL of these strikes hit at once!

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