Friday, August 21, 2009

That Big Time Warner Reorganization

Public TV leaders haven't been able to stop the train that is Tuesday's channel reorganization and lineup changes.

That lineup change happens sometime early Tuesday.

== Basic customers will lose WPTD-TV 16/Dayton and WCVN-TV 54/Covington.

== WLWT-TV 5/Cincinnati literally just addressed their part of the reorganization as we're typing this. All HD local channels will be grouped between 1003 and 1012. WLWT's 5.2 subchannel changes positions from 906 to 371, WCPO-DT2 (Weather Tracker) going to 373. Local multicast channels other than those two will move to positions between 980 and 1000.

== Gone from digital cable: All of WPTO-TV 14/Oxford's subchannels, plus one of WCET-TV 48/Cincinnati's subchannels (CET Kids). WPTO's HD feed also disappears.

== All of the digital cable is reorganized into "tiers", as explained here.

What can you do if you're a basic customer losing the WPTD and WCVN options, or a digital customer losing all of those PBS multicast channels?

Call Time Warner. Tell them that you don't want to lose those channels. If the public outcry is large enough, perhaps they'll reverse those moves.

But we think the reorganization into tiers is a good idea. Grouping the channels which are similar is something Insight already does here in Northern Kentucky, including at the Tri-State Media Watch HQ in northern or eastern Boone County...

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