Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Happened to FOX19's 10pm news last night?

EDIT/ADDENDUM 5:00 PM: We have a few spare minutes, so instead of posting a new item we'll just update this one.

We're surprised that WXIX's backup generator did not have to fully kick in, but yet the UPS (aka Uninterrupted Power Source) didn't keep their systems completely functional.

We are wondering what exactly happened to the UPS that caused it to fail. We know it wasn't connected to the main grid, because you can't expect UPS's to stay, well, uninterrupted if you do that and there's a power failure of this sort.

We do have to give kudos to Mr. Lanesey. Ever since coming on board at WXIX, he's not only been hands-on, but he's also kept viewers in the loop, such as in situations like this. It doesn't really hurt him either, being that the show in question leads for news viewers in its time slot versus WKRC-DT2 CW Cincinnati's 10pm news offering. in the world did the UPS fail? That's a question only station engineers can answer. (If you're an engineer for a TV or radio station, and you have a UPS, talk to us by email at

Our original item is below.


We're being told that WXIX-TV 19/Newport experienced some problems last night around 10:15...right in the middle of their 10pm newscast.

Below is the text of an email, sent to all FOX19 E-news alert subscribers, explaining the situation from Bill Lanesey, who is the VP and General Manager of the station.

Tuesday's Ten O'clock News

We wanted to take a moment to explain to our loyal Ten O'clock News viewers what happened during last night's show. At about 10:15 PM Tuesday, FOX19 experienced a power failure at our studios in Queensgate. We are waiting on Duke Energy to give us a more complete explanation, but the interruption was so brief that the power came back before our emergency generator system came to full power. Unfortunately, the U-P-S system that powers all of our computers and electronics failed to keep those systems fully powered. As a result, every computer-controlled system in our building shut down and then automatically restarted. Some of those systems came back more quickly than others which is why were able to continue most of the newscast. We are still finding damaged equipment this morning, but most of our systems are now fully functional.

Those who were watching WXIX-TV over the air from our analog transmitter saw and heard only a momentary interruption in The Ten O'clock News. Those watching WXIX-TV from our digital transmitter-which includes customers of Time Warner, Insight, Dish Network and DirecTv-either saw a trouble slide or had to endure an annoying audio tone for the duration of the show-that problem was corrected near the end of the show.

We apologize to our loyal viewers for the inconvenience and we assure you that tonight's viewing experience will be much better.


Bill Lanesey, Vice President & General Manager

Whatever happened to FOX19, was serious. It may well have been the same thing that took out 14,000 Duke Customers in Northern Kentucky last night.

More on this later on...right now, we have to get going as Real Life Intervenes (TM by Ohio Media Watch) again...

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