Saturday, May 9, 2009

CET, ThinkTV Combining

Thanks to Rich Emery for the email tip on this news.

Only a couple weeks after WCET/48 Cincinnati, WPTD/16 Dayton, and WPTO/14 Oxford shut off their analog transmitters, comes the news from the Dayton Daily News that the PBS stations' owners will form a regional conglomerate known as Public Media Connect.

Considering the state of the media these days, it's not surprising.

The report says that Think TV (aka Greater Dayton Public Television) and CET (aka Greater Cincinnati Public Television) will keep separate facilities and branding, but will share resources and capabilities to better serve their local communities, said David Fogarty, who has been president and general manager of ThinkTV since 1993 and will be president of the new conglomerate.

FCC approval is expected in 90 days, so around August 9th...

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