Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Wrapup

Here's a couple or three items to close the week...all posted from the Kiese Blog to end the weekend...

Mo Egger Grieving Loss of Father: It is always sad when someone in your family dies. Unfortunately, Your Tri-State Media Watcher isn't immune to this, as in 2007 I lost three members of my family.

Now, Mo Egger is trying to deal with his dad's death.

Dennis Egger died on Wednesday night at Great American Ball Park, just before the Reds were to play the Philadelphia Phillies.

Mo has written a very nice tribute to his father, which you can find here.

Funeral arrangements aren't yet complete, but we can imagine the family will release those if they decide to make them public.

Skinner, Glenn from Mason Out at 1480: Well that experiment didn't last long.

Just a few weeks after the debut of "Saturday Morning Sports Talk" on WCIN-AM 1480/Cincinnati, the sudden change of the station to the oldies format being vacated by WDJO-AM 1160/Florence has caused the show to be put on hold.

The unfortunate thing is that the show really wasn't given much chance to survive. They were only on air for about three weeks.

And what of the smooth jazz format on WCIN?

It's now heard exclusively from the 1480 website.

Local AM News Sweepstakes is Soclose...: Literally, it's within a point in the morning.

Ratings released today show WCPO-TV 9/Cincinnati gaining 44 percent audience share over a year ago, coming into a tie for second with WXIX-TV 19/Newport with a 4.8 rating. Meanwhile WKRC-TV 12/Cincinnati still led at 6am, with a 5.1 rating, as well as winning at noon and 11pm. WCPO won at 5-6:30 and WXIX still dominates 10pm.

WLWT-TV 5/Cincinnati still comes in last in all its timeslots, but they did enjoy a 31 percent jump in audience share in the mornings following the reunion of Todd Dykes, Lisa Cooney, and Derek Beasley.


joe beans said...

noticed the format bumps on 1160 on sunday. what's 1160 switching to?

could anyone give me a good reason why radio stations can't just get on one frequency and stay with it? i understand format switches and buyouts, but playing dial tag is freaking maddening.

and i'm STILL not buying an HD radio.

bonneville, cumulus and bonneville can all get together and have a big suck party with each other. i quit.

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

I do not know Jonathan (or should I say Joe), but will find out. Will let you know...