Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another WDJO/WCIN Simulcast Update.

UPDATE 12:40 AM 5/30: As we're listening, another Christian broadcast is on air at 1160. If they aren't full blown Christian by now, they will be on Monday!

The interesting thing to note is WDJO's nighttime signal versus its own daytime signal.

1160 broadcasts during the daytime at 5,000 watts. At night, it is reduced by 82 percent (yes, we did the math) to its authorized 900 watts, and is directional toward the east, protecting on-channel clear channel station KSL 1160AM/Salt Lake City, Utah. (Although, going by KSL's coverage map from Radio Locator, they really can't penetrate the Rockies except under the rare circumstances of perfect DX'ing conditions.)

The initial posting follows...


We're hearing that WDJO 1160/Florence has done some Christian programming today, in addition to the Oldies and Wednesday and Thursday's infomercial broadcasts.

We are trying to confirm this independently. Stay tuned, because if we don't get it tonight, we will tomorrow.

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