Saturday, May 30, 2009

JUST IN: Former WMUB, WVXU Guest Steve Sandfort Dead at 66

CORRECTION 1:49 AM 5/31: Oops.

We goofed. And it's not the first time we've put in the wrong name. Our sincere apologies to PEGGY Sandfort. We goofed, and used his daughter's name twice in our original posting of this item at 2:30 AM yesterday which is below.

(Note to self: Try not to post these sensitive items at those hours.)

Again, our sincere apologies, and condolences to both Peggy and Melinda. Original item follows...


We received this tip from our good friend, WMUB-FM Program Director-in-Exile (as he calls himself) John Hingsbergen.

We're hearing that Steve Sandfort, a former guest on shows on stations such as WVXU-FM 91.7/Cincinnati and what is now WVXU's repeater station WMUB-FM 88.5/Oxford, has died at age 66. (The link at left will take you to the blog of Mike Martini, who was a staffer at WVXU and is now on staff at WMKV-FM 89.3/Reading, Ohio. And here's his obituary.) Sandfort was known on the radio as being the "Urban Forester".

John wrote us that Sandfort was a frequent guest on "Free Advice", which was a program John hosted on WMUB. For those who had never heard him, the Hingsbergen Blog has some links for you to listen to Sandfort's last appearance on "Free Advice" on 1/29.

John also noted that Steve was a good friend of his:

"Steve was a dear friend to me and my wife Cheri as well as anyone else who got to know him. He always had a joke for me (usually quite naughty or politically-incorrect) and never failed to tell me to send his love to my 'ever so much better half.'"

Sandfort was the former director of Cincinnati's Office of Urban Forestry as well as his most recent position as a consultant for the Hamilton County Water and Soil Conservation District.

Sandfort is survived by his wife, Peggy and his daughter, Melinda Sandfort-Atkinson. No services are being held by Steve's request.

The family did, however, request memorial donations be made to Operation Men at UCLA, the address of which can be found in the obit linked above.

RIP to Cincinnati's "Urban Forester"...

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