Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BREAKING: WDJO-AM/WCIN-AM Simulcast Online...Requesting Help From Area Listeners.

UPDATE: We were finally able to tune in 1160, and there is indeed still a simulcast at this writing. Our suspicion is that WDJO and WCIN might continue the simulcast into June and then flip WDJO to another format. Maybe they will take the smooth jazz vacated by WCIN.

It should be noted that WCIN and WDJO are owned by two separate entities. WCIN is currently owned by Republic Bank, while WDJO is owned by The Christian Broadcasting System, Ltd.. Original item follows...


We're listening to the stream from WDJO-AM 1160/Florence, and it sounds to us like they are simulcasting WCIN-AM 1480/Cincinnati online, but we can't confirm currently if the same is going on offline. (For some reason, even though WDJO is licensed to Florence, we can't pick up the signal at present.) This comes following a report from Jonathan Goolsby that 1160 had some format bumps this past weekend.

If anybody out there can confirm this for us by listening to the radio signal, email us. Thanks!

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