Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WVQC Needs Help

Jonathan Goolsby sent us word from our friends at WVQC, where he is now a PR Volunteer. Below is his email in full, as it's pretty self explanatory that the station needs help with a few pieces of equipment.

Hey Jeremy,

Could use some help getting the word out about this . . .

I'm volunteering as a PR rep for Media Bridges in Cincinnati and the new WVQC low-power FM station launching this fall.

Was coordinating with our FM Facilitator, Katie Finnigan, yesterday; we're wondering if you might be able to help us spread the word about some rather pressing needs.

As we try to launch the station, we find ourselves in need of equipment.
Given some of the consolidations in the Cincinnati radio market over the last few years, we thought there might be some folks out there who could lend a hand and donate used equipment. We're desperately seeking:

A 250-watt FM transmitter and stereo coder
Emergency Alert (EAS) System
Automation software
Sound board
Internet stream-hosting software that will allow us to exceed 5,000 concurrent listeners (as of now we can host only 5,000 at a time without anybody getting booted; fortunately our stream's listener base has grown to the point that we have been maxing out!)

Other miscellaneous equipment we could use:

An on-air light
6-line telephone interface
Professional microphones and booms
Any other radio equipment

When we get our LP transmitter going, we will broadcast to a radius of about 3 - 5 miles from downtown Cincinnati, encompassing Clifton, Corryville, southern Hyde Park, southern Norwood, Mt. Adams, Walnut Hills, Mt. Auburn, Western Hills, Price Hill, Columbia-Tusculum and parts of Northern Kentucky.

Our internet stream, "The Bridge," will rebrand to become an online version of WVQC in early August, soft-launching the LP station.

Programming will be designed by our all-volunteer radio staff. We're excited to be one of the few locally-controlled options on the Cincinnati FM dial.

Any chance you could help us spread the word? As always, we're also looking for underwriters and volunteers!

If you have any of this equipment, send an email to Katie Finnigan at Katie at mediabridges-dot-org. (We wanted to make sure spambots don't get hold of that email address and send her needless spam.)

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