Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quick update re: WCPO-DT

NOTE: This item will be posted to TSDTW in the morning, as soon as Your Tri-State Media Watcher wakes up, mainly because there's more to it than we'll be able to tell you tonight, without going crosseyed.

We know now what WCPO-TV/DT 9 (RF 10) is about to do when the analog shutdown commences next week.

As we told you on TSDTW a week ago, WCPO plans to be the very first full-power commercial station to shut off their analog transmitter, doing so just after midnight the morning of June 12.

Now, we know why.

That's because they aren't fully on their post-transition facility.

More details in the morning...and we think this may be part of why WBQC-CA 38 and WOTH-LP 25/Cincinnati are having troubles viewing the station now. It turns out, those transmitters are...ta-da...mounted to the WCPO-TV/DT tower in Walnut Hills.

Again, more in the morning, on our companion blog Tri-State DTV Watch...

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emery_r said...

That explains my problems with both WCPO and WOTH/WBQC -- I'd posted a comment on Kiese's Enquirer blog about this yesterday.

One digital set-up at home won't bring in WCPO digital at all, and WOTH has been only slightly better than that. Both still come in pretty well on an upstairs TV, but it's been obvious that something was wrong with both signals.

Why don't these stations actually make public announcements about this kind of thing? Or (DUH!) post something on their own websites? I even called WOTH yesterday to report my problems, but was told nothing.