Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally, Answers to the WOTH question...UPDATED 12:00 AM 6/8

LATEST UPDATE Midnight 6/8/09: We have been informed by Rich that, apparently, there's a technical issue on the WOTH/WCPO tower, with regards to the line that feeds the WOTH antenna.

No timeline on restoration.

What follows is a post on the AV Science Forum from 3:36 PM today from someone calling themselves ShaneWKRP, who we believe works for Block Broadcasting as an engineer:

Just a heads-up, everyone. The problem with digital channel 25 has been isolated. It's not an easy one, though. Our transmitter's in as good shape as ever, but there is an issue with the line that feeds our antenna. Problems located up on the tower are always a tough fix, so bear with us please.

Thanks to Nitewatchman, 513Tech, Thorax, and everyone else for all the kind words and input. You guys are our eyes and ears in the field and we really appreciate it!

UPDATE: Rich sends word today that indeed, the station that appeared yesterday WAS indeed WAVE-DT/TV 3 out of its city of license of Louisville, KY.

If you are receiving the WAVE 3 signal on your converters, please email us at

Original item follows...

We just received word from Rich Emery about WOTH-LD 25 (RF 47), and its recent problems.

We're hearing that WOTH's digital transmitter had to be taken down, and is expected to go back up in a few days...

And in a related note: Rich tells us that this morning, something appeared on his digital converter, registering as 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3.

His guess (and it sounds dead on from here) is that the station that appeared is WAVE-TV/DT 3/Louisville, Kentucky, which is broadcasting on RF Channel 47.

Hmmmm, wait a minute, we see a connection here.

WOTH-LD is ALSO licensed guessed it, RF 47!

That could explain why WOTH had to take its transmitter down...because WAVE 3 is causing interference with WOTH 25...

Either way, hopefully they get that worked out!

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Josh said...

That is most definitely WAVE 3 since they have 3 channels: 3.1=WAVE 3HD, 3.2=This TV, 3.3=WAVE WeatherNow (formerly NBC Weather Plus). We get them almost 24/7 here in Owen County, but the signal tends to be sporadic. It often fades out during the afternoon and/or during bad weather with both indoor and outdoor antennas!