Thursday, June 4, 2009

BREAKING: 1160 To Conservative Talk

Well, they fooled us here at Tri-State Media Watch for SURE!

Following a week or so of stunting on 1160AM, which seemed to indicate that it would flip to Christian (and we believe the stunting will continue until the talk switch is flipped, either that or it will go silent for the next 11 days, which we can't see them doing), the station is now WQRT-AM 1160/Florence...and it's about to be...a conservative talk station!

That's right.

The station now will have a conservative talk lineup beginning June 15, according to John Kiesewetter @ the Enquirer.

Here is the currently expected lineup (minus the 4-6am slot, which isn't filled right now):

6-9 am.: Washington Times
9 am-noon: Laura Ingraham
noon-2 pm: Neil Boortz
2-5 pm: Dave Ramsey
5-8 pm: Dr. Laura Schlessinger
8-10 pm: Jerry Doyle
10 pm-1 a.m.: Rusty Humphries
1-4 a.m.; Phil Hendrie


joe beans said...

ummm . . . isn't 550 AM already conservative talk? and for that matter, isn't 700 WLW?

would it kill someone to put a jazz, classic country or blues station on the air in this town?

good God.

Anonymous said...

I'd say bring back the more intelligent conservative talk such as Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt. That said, I'm happy to see Laura Ingraham return to Cincinnati.

Anonymous said...

One more thing: I'm also reasonably happy with Dr. Laura and even Neil Bortz (who sometimes sounds a bit too much like a broken record with his quixotic rants in favor of the Flat Tax). Neil doesn’t always seem to grasp that politics is the art of the possible.

J. R. said...

This is great. Can't have too many conservative voices. Broadcast TV is ALL liberal, except for FOX. I welcome WQRT.blers