Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well...Looks Like Furloughs (Maybe) Have Begun at WKRC

UPDATE 9:25 PM 6/24: Your Tri-State Media Watcher received a very nice email from Cammy today, in which she does indeed recall meeting yours truly a few times between 2001 and 2005. Below is the text:

Hi Jeremy! Thanks for the message… I think I do remember you! I was just filling in for a few days since both Tara and Brad were off. It wasn’t a strain at all… just a fun little trip down memory lane for me! I love doing sports… it’s the candy store!

There doesn't appear to be anything to the idea of furloughs having begun - just the coincidence of both WKRC sports anchors being off at the same time, and Dierking was asked to step in.

And an aside: We're glad to see local anchor people who have not lost touch with the people they are giving information to every day. Sometimes, people can become thick-headed and/or arrogant when they reach a position such as that Dierking holds. Not Dierking, and not several others for that matter. We don't want to name any specific examples, but we've heard of a few people who were just the opposite.

Our original post of last night is below.


We have WKRC-TV 12/Cincinnati on the TV here at the TSMW headquarters in the southern suburbs in Boone County, and something caught our eye.

Cammy Dierking doing...SPORTS?

Yes, it was most definitely the 4:00/5:00/5:30/10:00 PM anchor doing the sports just a moment ago on the 11 PM newscast.

We will be sending an e-mail to Dierking to find out why. (An aside: When Your Tri-State Media Watcher was still in high school a few years ago, I visited the Fountain Square WKRC studios frequently. This was between 2001 and 2005.) Our (very uneducated) guess is the furloughs that were earlier reported to be asked for at WKRC have been implemented.

It's not the first time Dierking has done sportscasts anywhere. Her WKRC bio says she was first hired at the station in 1988 as...well, a sports anchor and reporter. She also lists stints at the former Sports Time Network in town, as well as stations in North Carolina (Raleigh) and Nevada (Reno) on her resume.

Still, it was very unusual to see Dierking doing sports tonight. We had seen her working at 4 and 5 PM today as normal. We don't know if she did the 10 PM news. Our best guess is she did not, so she could do 10 PM sports.

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