Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2 Stories While We Were Out

EDIT 12:35 AM 6/3: There goes the hiatus idea...LOL.

By the way, after two days to think about the personal situation, we're back - and we're only planning one more day off tomorrow...I am going to be tweeting to my personal twitter tomorrow, so if something breaks and we hear it, we'll tweet it there.

The personal twitter is at

And by the way, reading the AllAccess bulletin, we're hearing 40 people are out over at R&R. Truly a sad day for that publication, made more so by that piece of news. We'll have more about this tomorrow night, we're sure.

We were out in Northgate, so we didn't find out about these until just before 11...but the first is the one we really want to get to, because it is a blockbuster...

Radio And Records Gone!: If you're above age, say, 25, you know who we're talking about.

Radio and Records magazine, owned by the people at Nielsen, was the premier trade mag for those in the radio industry from about 1975 up to 1995 or so.

Then this little thing we call the "internet" came along. Oh sure, R&R built its own website, but then these things we here at TSMW (and our friends at OMW) call "blogs" became all the rage. (This is in no way meant as a slam toward our good friends in the Akron/Cleveland area; we here at TSMW were inspired by them to begin this effort here nearly 7 months ago!)

And of course, there's the factor of sites like AllAccess, which we get information from for some reports when we hear about it. (Our friends at OMW use them a lot more, but, being new to that, we haven't figured it all out yet.)

Anyway, to the meat of this report...

Radio and Records closed today after 36 years in business. In fact, it literally shut up shop online, minutes after OMW posted their report at 4:35 PM! We got the bulletin through AllAccess at 1:30 PM but, unfortunately, were already out the door and headed northward.

Of course, R&R is another casualty of the downturn in the media/advertising of course we're sad to see it go.

WOTH Problems?: We had a tip from Max Abel in North College Hill that WOTH-LP 25/Cincinnati isn't working digitally, or at least wasn't this afternoon.

We're forwarding this on to WOTH engineers to diagnose the trouble for Mr. Abel...but we'd like to know if the problem is more widespread than just there.

We think it could also be related to work on the WCPO-TV/DT tower, which is where WOTH's antenna is, but we'd like to make sure.

If you've been receiving WOTH's digital signal, email us at We'd love to know if you've experienced this, too...but again, we're going to do some independent checking, too...

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emery_r said...

This duplicates a couple of other comments posted here and elsewhere, but YEAH, both WCPO's and WOTH's digital signals have been a nightmare over the last 48 hours or so. I even called WOTH directly but was told nothing.

Just LOVE this failure to communicate with viewers about known or anticipated problems -- after all, who would expect the MEDIA to communicate effectively? How silly of me.