Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The New Direction of Tri-State Media Watch

Dear Readers,

You may be wondering what prompted the break this week to "consider the direction of this blog".

While I do not wish to go into details of what was said, I would like to say that the reaction was prompted by a rather scathing email from a local station owner, in which the credibility of the blog was called into question.

So, what's the new direction of the blog?

The new direction will hopefully professionalize this effort that we call a "blog", and maybe bring more respect to this effort. It will definitely change it for the better.

What this means: I will no longer openly speculate. My opinions will be occasional (and I will continue to solicit imput from you, the reader) but will no longer include speculation.

No longer openly speculating about things means this: I will be digging for information. If you tip me to something, I'll be even more dogged than I have been previously.

Does that mean I will be spending 24 hours a day operating this blog? No - but it DOES mean I will be making every effort to track down something.

Hopefully, down the line this will mean less need for other sources to stories, and more, first-run information.

By the way - this will NOT impact my personal blog, Personal Thoughts and Observations from N KY. That blog will continue a laidback style, and will continue to feature personal musings as needed.

The challenge has been set for Tri-State Media Watch to grow into a better blog - and it is one that I, as a blogger and a future professional, will undertake gladly.


Jeremy Moses
Editor of Tri-State Media Watch and Tri-State DTV Watch


Anonymous said...

Go for it, Jeremy. This kind of response to a challenge is very adult and principled. Responding tit for tat gets nowhere fast, and just makes everybody more and more angry.

Looking forward to new and improved blogs as you move forward!

Pat Jenkins said...

don't let the man keep you down j mo!!!

emery_r said...

Good news, Jeremy! I'm also looking forward to two new and improved blogs soon.

joe beans said...


You're providing a valuable service. It's not like you're getting paid to do this -- it's your labor of love.

I'm eager to hear some hard journalism on here; I think you can do it.

Bottom line is, though, it's your blog. When someone wants to buy ads or sponsor you, then they can call the shots. Until then, opinions are like foreheads - everyone's got one and most are ugly. Don't let someone else's opinion shake your voice.

I'll always get you leads as I hear them.


Anonymous said...


First, it's your blog and your opinions/speculations... I never read something on here that was libel.

Secondly, If it was Block Broadcasting/WBQC/WOTH that sent you that note (I'm guessing pertaining to your thoughts regarding their transmission status) I think you really don't need to worry. It's low power and use to be run out of a strip mall (and that's not speculation... those are facts.

Anyone who has a TV or watches TV is free to speculate about anything they please.

I say bring on the speculation! Bring on the opinion! If you like the changes to Channel 9's 5/5:30/6/11 news... talk about it! If don't like the color of Rob Braun's tie... blog it! If two new reporters show up on channel 5 and two well known faces disappear... you could speculate.

I'd like to see more opinions and speculations!

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

Anonymous 2:08 AM:

I certainly value your opinion...and I'll throw my two cents in from time to time. Opinions won't go away...but it's more the fact-collecting that is changing.

The reason for the change is, it's been pointed out to me that this is being seen as a professional effort. And with that being the case, we have a reputation to uphold. Yes it is a blog - however, it's a blog that might well be read in newsrooms across the three-state area we cover. As such, we owe it to those folks to make every effort to keep speculation to a minimum - especially when it comes to job situations, etc..

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

I think I will do a post here specifically regarding everyone's feedback, and solicit continued feedback...

Anonymous said...

As some one who works at a TV station, we already fear for our jobs especially now. Your speculation doesn't induce panic but does provide some interesting feedback.

Tim Lones said...

While my own blog is generally limited in scope, Ive tried till recently not to share my own opinions on things because thats not what we are there for..Do what you feel is best for you..Id hate to see you give this up..You do a good job.Hang in there!