Monday, June 1, 2009

FD-Day for WDJO?

Earlier this weekend, we speculated that WDJO-AM 1160/Florence would flip to all Christian "by Monday".

Monday is here, making this "FD-Day" or Flip Decision Day...and well, it sounds like they haven't totally pulled the trigger. But they may at any time today, unless the way the station had been over the weekend, is how it will always be. We don't guess they're going to want to re-run the pharma ad every 60-90 minutes indefinitely, so we still look for the flip today.

We'll be tuned in off and on throughout the day.

By the way, if you go to and click on the listen live link, you'll definitely get a different broadcast there, than you do on WDJO on the regular this writing, they are doing the "Dusty Rhodes Morning Magazine", which is the same broadcast being heard on 1480AM WCIN/Cincinnati at the moment...

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