Friday, December 5, 2008

An update or two to clear the plate...

Just a quick thing or two before this weekend, and my scheduled 9pm-12am (at least) DJ shift:

WKRP Update: We have a correction to the story reported before Thanksgiving about WKRP-TV.

It now appears that WKRP is ONLY a branding slogan for the time being. We're told Elliot Block hasn't yet made the decision to change the call letters...but, theoretically, that can still occur. It just hasn't yet...thanks to our friends at Ohio Media Watch for the update...

The O'Reilly Factor is...OFF: OMW also reports that Bill O'Reilly's radio "Factor" won't be a factor for too much longer.

Westwood One, which syndicates the show across the US, announces that Mr. O'Reilly will pull the plug on the show in early 2009.

O'Reilly tells the New York Post:

"The media business is getting more and more intense," O'Reilly said Thursday. "We've got to keep the TV show at the level we have it now, and that means more and more time to keep it competitive and fresh. I've been working 60, 65 hours a week and I just can't keep doing that."

In the Tri-State area, O'Reilly isn't much of a...well, Factor...his only clearances anywhere remotely NEAR the Cincinnati market are in Portsmouth and Columbus in Ohio, Indianapolis, IN, and Louisville and Lexington in Kentucky...none of which really reach the Tri-State with much of any kind of listenable signal. The exception may be the Portsmouth clearance which can get into Adams and Brown counties in Ohio, or Mason County, KY.

This will likely be our final update of the week, unless major news should break late this afternoon. Even then, the update probably won't be until tonight as we'll be otherwise occupied. Have a great weekend, and do us a favor...get outside, get your shopping something other than sit at the computer. Here at TSMW, we're planning on exactly that...with a movie planned for Saturday and plans to otherwise stay offline Sunday.

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