Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Personal Update from TSMW Editor Jeremy Moses

This normally would go in my Personal Thoughts/Observations from N KY blog, but I am going to post it here as well as there (post there in a few minutes), in hopes that those who might not go to that blog, will see this one.

I am still taking time away from TSMW and the Personal Thoughts blog, however, I feel that it is critical to update you on events that occurred yesterday evening.

Yesterday at approximately 8:30pm EST, I was at Florence Mall in Florence. I had just met up with a friend of mine (whose name I cannot currently remember). Suddenly, I collapsed to the floor, and remained unconscious for a couple of minutes. I had to be taken to Saint Luke West Hospital as a result.

It is currently unclear what exactly is causing my fainting spells although it is known NOT to be either electrolytes, a heart problem OR diabetes. It could be the stress of the breakup referenced yesterday...or it may be an underlying cause known as Arnold Chiari Malformation, in which my brain protrudes into my spinal cord.

If it is the ACM, my days of running all over town are over and I will be limited in what I am able to do.

If it is not, but there is still something besides just emotional stress, then the effects will be less severe. And if it is ONLY emotional stress...well then everything will clear up once my life returns to some normalcy.

Until then, I am asking for your thoughts and prayers as I prepare to undergo testing in the next couple of days to determine what, if anything, caused my recent fainting spells.


Jeremy S. Moses
Editor of Tri-State Media Watch and Personal Thoughts/Observations from N KY

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97gooljo said...

sorry to hear things aren't going so well lately.

who's doing your neuro follow-up?