Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thoughts regarding layoffs...

Before I began TSMW, I was a reader of Ohio Media Watch (and I still read them now and anything they have to share that I find of interest to my readers, I post here with credit). And that blog was a source of a lot of information about layoffs across Ohio and continues to be now (their latest entry is an example).

Over the last couple years, we have noticed layoffs increasing at a rapid pace in Southwest Ohio. In the last 9 months alone, WKRC-TV 12 has laid off a quarter of its staff...WXIX had to fire its GM, and WLWT's ratings are still last in the market.

And there is no sign of an end to this.

In fact, WLWT is going to have to cut one million dollars, and likely lay off some of its staff. One weather person will likely be laid off.

The cuts also extend to the radio dial, as mentioned in the previous post. (UPDATE 1:25PM 12/3: And print media is also impacted, see our very next item for proof of that)

We here at TSMW hope that everyone escapes the layoff monster this year, but we're not at all confident. We'll bring you all of that as it comes...

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