Thursday, December 11, 2008

Time Warner making changes to lineups in Cincinnati, Oxford

UPDATE 3:15AM 12/12: In a comment on this report, Joseph reports not being able to receive CSPAN2. Upon checking with a source on the north side of Cincinnati who has Time Warner(Hat tip: Mike Taylor, a longtime friend and fellow DJ with Your Tri-State Media Watcher), CSPAN2 should be on Channel 165. If it hasn't shown up by morning, email us at

Original Item Below:


There's a few changes to channel lineups in the Cincinnati and Oxford areas for Time Warner subscribers, says John Kiesewetter, citing information received from Time Warner Cable's Cincinnati offices. (Here at TSMW HQ, we get Insight Cable from Northern Kentucky and not Time Warner.) Here's the scoop on the changes, taking effect TODAY:

C-SPAN2: Is moving for the Cincinnati and former Adelphia areas (Delhi for example) from 59 (digital) and 9 (cable ready) to position 165 on the "digital access tier." Customers with a converter box will have access to C-SPAN2 still even with just basic service, according to Time Warner.

CNN Headline: Will be on position 10 for both cable ready and converter customers in Cincinnati. Moves to 24 in former Adelphia area.

HSN: Moves to position 9 in Cincinnati. (We assume this is for both Cable Ready and those with a converter. Anyone who can confirm this, please email me.)

ShopNBC: In Oxford ONLY, remains on basic with a move to channel position 22.

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Joseph said...

No signal on Channel 165. What's going on here? These are the most troubling economic times in generations and we can't see what the Senate is doing?