Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Wrapup plus news about the next two weeks

First, an announcement about this blog, and the next two weeks.

We will still be posting major news. But general, daily postings will be less frequent from now to after the first of the year.

And we will be trying to step completely away from this blog between December 25 and January 1.

Now, an update on a former morning host, and a look at CET looking for influential voices, courtesy of the Enquirer's John Kiesewetter:

Former "Sound" DJ Starting with Time Warner-Dayton: Clayton -- real name Chris Wilguess -- was morning host at WSWD-FM, "The Sound" until Bonneville fired the on-air staff and moved the station to a weaker frequency, 97.3. He'll be starting with Time-Warner Cable - Dayton on December 29 as a promotions specialist. He'll be working with the cable giant's Lima, Dayton and Toledo systems. (UPDATE 12/23 2AM: We did not realize until now, but Mr. Wilguess follows us here at TSMW.)

Clayton lives in Springboro, and had commuted here for the "Sound" gig. This puts him much closer to home. We here at TSMW wish him the best.

CET Seeks "Voices" of Influential Cincinnatians: CET will collect and archive narratives from influential Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky residents for its new "Voices" initiatives next year. The archive on the station's website at will "act as a living portrait" for future generations to learn from those who have made an impact here.

If you have a suggestion, email David Hancock at, or call him at 513-381-4033, ext. 317.

1 comment:

97gooljo said...

The Sound fired it's on-air staff, too, huh? The first death-knell. Reminiscent of the Second Channel Z Empire.

And in favor of yet ANOTHER country station.

When oh when will radio groups in this town start to respect Gen X an Gen Y's emerging buying power? We're not the fools facing foreclosure . . . we're the fools buying out the foreclosed Baby Boomers.

To hell with Bonneville.