Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BREAKING: Other Shoe Drops on COX - All units will combine

When one shoe drops, the other is sure to follow...although, we admit we didn't see this one dropping so quick. Perhaps COX bosses are reading this blog...and if so, we're glad they are...we want them to see we mean business about covering Ohio/KY/Indiana TV/Radio/Print media...

All Access reports tonight that COX Radio, COX TV and COX Newspapers will now combine to form COX Media Group. Quoting All Access:

COX ENTERPRISES has decided to merge its three media units -- COX Newspapers, COX Television and COX Radio -- under a new organization named COX MEDIA GROUP, Inc., effective JANUARY 2009. COX veteran SANDY SCHWARTZ has been named President of the new entity, which will be headquartered in ATLANTA.

"Bringing together our media operations under one organization creates efficiencies that allow us to strengthen COX for the future," COX ENTERPRISES Pres./COO JIMMY HAYES stated. "Working together, our businesses will grow to become more cost effective, learn more from each other and continue their leadership position in serving our markets."

You'll recall that earlier today we posted information about COX Newspapers closing its Washington, DC bureau in April 2009. That closing now seems like a moot point, as you'll recall we mentioned that COX Radio and COX TV will keep a bureau in that city.

It would seem to us here at TSMW that COX now could consolidate all of its D.C. news operations into that broadcasting arm news bureau...and may in fact do so. Even if so, that likely won't change the status of the employees who were scheduled to be laid off when the COX Newspaper bureau in D.C. closed.

It is also not clear how or if this would affect Dayton's COX properties, which include the Dayton Daily News and WHIO-TV/AM/FM.

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