Sunday, July 5, 2009

WCPO DTV Switch Update

This is a full repost of an item over on Tri-State DTV Watch.

We are getting this about a week or so late - but there's still part of this story to come, so stay tuned for more... has the latest on their transition:

WCPO-TV's analog antenna is no longer.

Workers removed the antenna from the tower on the morning of Wednesday, June 24. After they removed the analog antenna, crews began the process of moving the new one to the top of the tower.

The new antenna will provide viewers with a much more powerful digital signal.

The transition will be completed when the new top-mounted antenna is turned on around July 13.

We'd heard the end of June or first of July as dates for the switch to be finished over at WCPO. But this is the first solid date we've gotten.

On a related note: We will close this blog to new posts after WCPO finishes their full transition. From that point on, any and ALL Cincinnati-area TV information will be back on Tri-State Media Watch.

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