Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday's Morning Update

We have a few least, enough to run a morning update.

WNNF-FM Is...Frequency 94.1?: We should have seen this some time back - but we hadn't at the time.

It seems WNNF-FM 94.1/Cincinnati is leaning more Hot AC in its format recently, and is branded on air as "Frequency 94.1".

The station still solicits listener opinions on their website at, which gives a phone number to call and a form on the page to send in your opinions as well.

They do, however, promise "less repetition" and "music from different genres and eras", both of which don't seem far off looking at their playlist from today so far.

In a related note, we stumbled upon something odd with the website of WOFX-FM 92.5/Cincinnati (which is known as 92.5 FM The Fox), which was also taken over in the swap between Cumulus and Clear Channel early this year.

Search results for WOFX-FM show the very first match as directing to the domain - even as the website continues to exist. As of right now, all that that domain links to is a large image of the station's current FOX logo.

But it makes us wonder....does Cumulus plan to launch a site at Hmmmm...stay tuned...

WLWT Analog Now Totally Shut Down: Rich Emery tweeted this to us - and we can confirm it...

WLWT shut off their analog signal around midnight tonight. You might recall that the station has been serving as the local "Nightlight" service for those viewers not yet converted to digital, ever since the DTV switch was flipped exactly one month ago Sunday.

Bronson Writes Final Column: And in fallout from last week's large-scale layoffs at the Cincinnati Enquirer, now-former columnist Peter Bronson wrote his final farewell which appeared in Friday's Dead Trees and online editions of the paper and can be read here.

Although, it does appear that that "farewell" wasn't the final piece he wrote for the paper, as they do show that yesterday's writeup on local ice cream parlors was the most recent piece he did for them. This leads us to believe that while he might not be a paid writer anymore, he did write that piece before leaving the building at 312 Elm Street. (And a side note: We originally had him listed as a "political writer", which was a goofup on our part. His blogging seemed to be more politically-based, but we think he was more of a general columnist officially at the paper.)

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