Monday, July 27, 2009

TWC Technical Difficulties Stop Viewing of WWE

UPDATE 2 2:20 AM EDT 7/27: Michael tweeted the following to us: "Guess what works as of 2:02am? Little late mayhaps?" Apparently, the HD feed JUST came back on TWC Cincy's PPV channel...

UPDATE 1 AM EDT 7/27: Michael updated us via text...quoting verbatim: "The sd channel now works but the hd channel is blank."

Original item below...


We just got word from Friend of TSMW Michael Taylor that viewers of Time Warner Cable in the Cincinnati area had some Pay-Per-View technical issues tonight.

Mike tells us that he ordered the WWE's "Night of Champions" pay-per-view at 7:25 PM tonight, and when he went to watch it at 7:30...he did not get to watch it. Neither did anyone else in town, we're told. This happened to both HD and SD viewers of Time-Warner in Cincinnati's system...and as of 12:15 AM, both the HD and SD Pay-Per-View channels are still out.

He's been told, and this is basically a quote from whatever CSR he talked to, "Anyone who didn't get to see the show tonight, won't be charged for it". That means most will wind up with either credit back if they pre-ordered well ahead of time, OR won't be charged if, like Mike, they ordered shortly before the show was to begin.

We're wondering, and we'll send a query to our friends at Ohio Media Watch asking, if this happened elsewhere, as well.

More Monday on this still-developing story...

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