Friday, July 17, 2009

Quickie Post

We're doing this quickie post to talk about a minor detail or two...

Bonneville Cincinnati Sponsors Job Fair: While browsing the net, we came across an ad on WKRQ-FM 101.9/Cincinnati's website.

It talks of a job fair, being presented by station owners Bonneville along with

We normally wouldn't talk about a job fair, but as this one is being sponsored by Bonneville, we'll make an exception.

The fair is Monday 8/10 at Receptions North, 5975 Boymel Drive in Fairfield. Call 513-699-5091 if you need more information.

Bonneville, by the way, also owns WUBE-FM 105.1 "B105"/Cincinnati, WYGY-FM 97.3 "The Wolf"/Ft. Thomas, and WREW-FM "Rewind 94.9"/Cincinnati.

WKRQ's Instant Marriage: Information on this is also from WKRQ's website.

The station is sponsoring an "Instant Marriage" contest. All a listener needs to do is email the "Jeff and Jenn" morning show ( and tell them why you want to get engaged and married to your significant other.

The station will select one lucky couple, Jeff and Jenn will help with the engagement - AND invite the couple to get married THIS FRIDAY live on the air, with wedding and engagement rings provided by James Free Jewelers in Montgomery.

We thought that was interesting. The promotion has been done before in other cities - but we can't remember the last time a "live wedding" has ever happened in town.

And Finally: Your Tri-State Media Watcher is dealing with a few different life-related things next week, including a birthday in the family (the first of several in the next six weeks), other family dramas that are on-going (which will stay off the record), and of course the ongoing "off blog" project.

So, as a general "heads-up", we may not be able to post as much next week.

We'll try to get a post out at least most days next week with whatever news there may be - but, we can't guarantee that that will occur, especially in the latter half of the week.

Of course, things could change, and we might get one out every day anyway - but in case we don' know why.

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