Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Middle Of The Year Message

Dear Readers,

Yours truly decided, as we're well past the 8 month mark of blogging here on Tri-State Media Watch, to have a mid-year message to all of you.

Through these last 8 months, you, the reader, have been instrumental in our progress. You were there when we began on Tuesday, November 10, 2008.

You were there, some of you in different ways from others, when just one month later, yours truly went through a brief health scare.

You were there through hiatuses, re-tools, the digital transition that was postponed on our watch, mass layoffs, and other things that happened during the short life of this blog.

A couple of you even, through emails, kept me from deciding to shut down the blog after some criticisms got a bit too far under Your Tri-State Media Watcher's skin.

For that, I thank you. You, the reader, are part of why I do this.

Are we, and is this blog, a professional effort? Not exactly, but we, and the blog, are getting better at this.

Are there still times when yours truly needs help? Absolutely, and you, the readers, do respond to our "Bat Signals".

Will this blog survive? I sure hope, and believe, that it will.

You, the reader, might be wondering what prompted the impetus to have a "Middle Of The Year Message" as the title of this particular post states.

Quite simply, this message is an effort to keep myself humble. It's an effort to remind myself not to gloat too much, following being (so far) the first to break the official word of WCPO's digital antenna being fired up this early Tuesday morning. (Paging Rich Emery or anyone else...did it go as planned? Or could you tell a difference? See...we're sending out the bat-signal!)

So, take this as this blog, and this writer, giving himself a dose of humble pie to keep himself focused on serving the Tri-State area, while also taking the opportunity to go ahead and thank YOU, the readers, for reading!


Jeremy Moses
Editor and Writer of Tri-State Media Watch and Tri-State DTV Watch


Anonymous said...

So what is the plural of "hiatus", hiatuses or hiati? Neither one looks exactly right, but "hiati" brings to mind a Caribbean country, so THAT can't be right...and Websters online definitely prefers hiatuses.


J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

We're pretty sure it's hiatuses...LOL.

John Hingsbergen said...


Thanks for the update. The TSMW Blog is a worthy effort and I encourage you to continue. Sure, you don't have the resources of the "big guys" (or in this case, the "big guy," aka "JK") but you are making an important contribution to free journalism.

I am glad to see that you are working at maintaining "balance" yet still willing to inject some opinion into the process. As I see it, some opinion is acceptable as long as you label it clearly and take responsibility for it.

I'm sure I speak for others when I say, "Keep up the good work and congrats on "surviving" for eight months. I hope to still be reading your posts next year at this time and for as long as you choose to keep it going.


John H.