Monday, July 13, 2009

UPDATE: WCPO's New Transmitter/Antenna

UPDATE 2 3:40 PM: Mr. Talley called us while we were actually calling him to get the update.

WCPO is a GO for the switch to the new antenna/transmitter setup - but not at 2:45 in the morning.

Instead, we have word straight from Mr. Talley that they will turn the new antenna on at 12:05 AM, following ABC's "Nightline".

So again, we CAN CONFIRM the original information, minus the time change.

UPDATE 1 2:15 PM: A quick phone call has produced some what we will call "soft confirmation" from WCPO Chief Engineer Tom Talley.

Tom tells us that they have someone testing the new antenna to make sure everything works as it is planned to. If all of the testing goes well, then he says yes, the soft plan is to go ahead and go full-power tonight. We will know by 3:30 PM, and will have the absolute latest by 4 PM.

Original item follows...


We received this just minutes ago, forwarded to us by Friend of TSMW Rich Emery. It was posted on the AVS Forums' Cincinnati DTV section a short time ago by someone under the handle of ncincy1.


According to WCPO Channel 9 Chief Engineer and station management they will "switch" on the new transmitter with increased power at approximately 2:45 AM, Tuesday, July 14th.

Guess they decided to do it at such an odd time to minimize disruption.

So, when you wake up tomorrow morning the signal should be much improved.

Just to be safe, rescanning would be recommended.


We're working on independent confirmation now...

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