Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last WCPO Update, Plus News on WHIO-TV 7

Yesterday, we were the first to report (before the station itself did so later in the day) that WCPO would turn on their new antenna setup early this morning. The above link confirms that they did so.

Now, we know how it went.

Rich Emery sent us the following (before, and in response to, seeing our "Bat Signal" in our Middle Of The Year Message):

Good morning again!

Just saw your 8 AM item on TSMW, and wanted to confirm what I said below -- I'm definitely seeing a huge improvement in WCPO's signal near Hamilton, and several other people on AVS discussion threads report the same. Looks like they've successfully erased lots of their reception problems through their tower work!

Which leaves WHIO as the last one likely to improve in the short term for me -- whenever that happens, I'll be a very happy DTV camper.


For what it's worth, I'm seeing greatly improved WCPO signal strength at my house. "voyager6" posted a message on the Dayton AVS thread describing exactly what he saw after midnight -- I'd given up and gone to bed, after nothing happened by 12:10 AM -- and he reported a huge improvement. Activity actually started shortly after 12:15 AM, it seems.

I can definitely confirm far better signal strength for WCPO in the Hamilton area this morning. As I'd commented on AVS, one set-up I have doesn't even need to have rabbit ears extended to get a solid signal, and that's quite an improvement!


Rich mentions WHIO-TV 7/Dayton. Well, he sent us information yesterday on that, too.

He tells us via our twitter WHIO's Chief Engineer, Chuck Eastman, informed him that their work began Saturday. There's no timetable on when they'll wrap their work, only that it'll be done "as soon as possible". WHIO, like WCPO, has to move their antenna to atop their tower.

Of course, southwest Ohio summers are notorious for having thunderstorm chances during the late afternoon hours...and you can't safely put a tower crew up with lightning around. So they're at the mercy of the weather. The good news is they do have a nice day today to do the work, and will have a couple good days later this week, too...

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