Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wrapping up the week...

OK...let's finish off the week...

WNNF Stunting: We had never gotten any reports of stunting on WNNF-FM 94.1, but listening to it ourselves, we can confirm that indeed, they are promising that they are "renovating your radio station". It's not known what 94.1 will flip to...but it's been speculated that they could flip to anything from AC to rock to a country station. We'll know sometime down the line.

They are, however, taking opinions...log onto to weigh in...

WKRQ-FM Girlfriend Getaways: From Bonneville Mountain, the home of the number 9 Hottest Woman in US Radio, Holly Morgan comes Girlfriend Getaways.

The station is giving away a few trips to Florida's Emerald Coast, which include airfare and hotel.

Log on to for more...

Concert To Benefit Komen for the Cure: And while we're electronically at Bonneville Mountain and in the WKRQ studios, we're finding out about a concert the station is going to hold at Newport on the Levee on the 12th.

The station announced that Natasha Bedingfield will perform at Jefferson Hall at 8pm that night, and all door proceeds will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Again, log on to for those details. The station will also have a contest, where the winners can get engaged LIVE on stage after Bedingfield performs.

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joe beans said...

re: radio 94.1 . . . how about none of the above? we already have umpteen country stations serving the area! i mean, unless they want to go classic country and play johnny cash and waylon all day, there's really nowhere else to go.

we have two and a half hard rock stations (WTUE comes in well).

94.1 is already adult contemporary -- what, they go softer? warm 98's already there . . .

have folks at these conglomerates just entirely lost their minds? does NO ONE know how to niche market? these cats give a format about a week and then they change it again, or move frequencies around, or make programming shifts.


let's see, what else do we have in town? we have two and a half pop / top 40 stations (counting Z93 out of dayton).

Public radio's got classical pretty much covered and WNKU is running an adult contemp format.

FM talk failed MISERABLY.

we kinda sorta have an alt rock station, but then again, the sound has an ever-migrating frequency, ever-shifting broadcast radius, no more djs and has even moved toward canned, top alt 40 playlists. sucks to that.

max is all canned randomness all the time. oh boy.

fox is (for now) still classic rock (he said, with baited breath).

radio one has the urban market cornered.

i'm sure cumulus will do its usual bang-up job on a rebrand.

what's that leave us? doo-wop and smooth jazz, right? could we bring back SMOOTH jazz 94.9 the WAVE? please? somebody?