Monday, March 30, 2009

The Monday Update

UPDATE 5:45PM: We just saw this on the Fox19 twitter feed:

"Countdown is on - the new FOX19 is on the way....."

Stay tuned for more...but, one has to believe this is a large-scale relaunch of FOX19's branding...

We're doing a big update today, with stuff gleaned not only from our morning's TV viewing, but other information received today.

WXIX Says "Leggo my...Logo"?: That's what we're seeing in promos by the station.

The campaign has been going on all weekend, and touts next Monday as the date for whatever change they're about to undergo. Stay tuned for more on this one...

WKRC Celebrates 60 Years
: 60 years ago this Friday, WKRC-TV/DT 12 began broadcasting as channel 11.

As they approach their 60th anniversary, the station is now putting old videos into a special section of their video page, called the "WKRC Video Vault". It's expected that the feature will grow every day, says John Kiesewetter in the story published both online here and in Sunday's Dead Trees edition.

WDTN Restoration in Butler/Warren/Clinton
: Also from Kiese is the news today that Time Warner cable has restored WDTN-TV/DT 2 to the channel lineup in Butler and Warren Counties, as well as some parts of Clinton County, except Liberty Township and Mason.

TWC VP Pam McDonald says that these communities are included (the list is also at the above link, but we're reposting it here):

City of Carlisle
City of Fairfield
Fairfield Township
City of Franklin
Green Township (Clinton County)
Hamilton Township (Warren County)
City of Hamilton
Jefferson Township (Clinton County)
Marshall Township (Clinton County)
Marion Township
City of Middletown
New Vienna
Seven Mile
City of Trenton
Turtle Creek Township
West Chester Township

Insight Removes Yet Another Channel From Basic: Insight is back at it.

Here at the TSMW HQ in the KY suburbs of Cincinnati, we noticed this over the weekend...Univision, which is a Spanish TV network, has gotten pulled off Insight's Basic (1-99) cable service.

That marks the second time Insight has pulled a channel off Basic Cable and moved it to the digital tier. In this case, I don't yet know which channel Univision will be on...but will tell you when I do.

We think the local Hispanic community can't be very happy about this. (Your Tri-State Media Watcher has a Hispanic supermarket literally a 5 minute walk from his house.) This doesn't do Insight bosses any favors with that segment of the population.

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