Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some FOX19 Quick Hits

A couple quick items, all relating to FOX19:

ThisTV: As we reported, the station's second digital subchannel is being carried by Time Warner Cable, on channel 920. That carriage is one of two major cable deals, the other being with Insight to air ThisTV Cincy on digital channel 194.

FOX19 Morning News Rewind: Connected to ThisTV, is this item we saw while up early this morning.

FOX19 will use ThisTV to carry 1 hour of the station's morning newscast from 9-10am. That's already started, and again, we saw the promo for this right as the morning newscast ended on FOX19.

FOX19 News Right Now...Starting Monday?
: And finally, the station will start carrying very quick (maybe 60 to 90 second long) news updates every hour at the top of the hour from 10am to at least 4pm. That will begin on Monday, March 9th. (This move was also promoted this morning.) The station has already done quick, 45 second weather updates at the top of every hour during the daytime.

We wonder how 5, 9, and 12 will react to FOX19's move to broadcast both a later version of the morning news, and 60 second updates every hour...

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