Monday, March 16, 2009

MOJO Afternoon Drive Change

One of the Queens of Comedy is out of the radio biz in the Queen City...and nationally as well, John Kiesewetter at the Enquirer reports.

Mo'Nique, who has had a syndicated show on WMOJ-FM 100.3 since June, announced Friday she was ending her syndicated radio show to concentrate on her comedic career. The show was syndicated via Syndication One, a division of Radio One which owns WMOJ, as well as WIZF-FM 101.1 and WDBZ-AM 1230.

Faith Daniels, host of the MOJO early-afternoon show, announced that Doc Kilgore, host of the evening daypart of MOJO's schedule, known as "The Quiet Storm", will take over today and in fact, he's in the middle of his show as we speak.

Kilgore, a Cincinnati native, started in the Scarlet Oaks broadcasting arts program in the late 1970s. His first paid gig was as a news anchor at WCIN-AM in the early 1980s, then joined the old WBLZ-FM. He spent 14 years as a DJ in Houston and Chicago. He's been at WMOJ-FM since it debuted in fall 2006.

We're hearing that Kilgore takes the MOJO afternoon drive show in a music-intensive direction.

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