Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Administrative Pieces of Business

I would like to attend quickly to two pieces of administrative business.

First, Tri-State DTV Watch is OPEN. So, any and all DTV items will go over there from now on. The link is at right, along with my Personal Thoughts/Observations blog. There WILL, however, still be brief summaries over here, but with links directing you to go over there.

The reason I linked the latter there, is because I have a link to this blog from that one, and felt it would be a good balance if I did the same in reverse.

The second piece of business is one in which you all can participate.

I would like to know whether some of you would be interested in me doing video updates as well as the text updates. Or should I just stick with text only? Or, and this would be a HUGE switch, should I do video only? You tell me.

Shortly, I will post a poll, inviting you to cast your vote as to which of the three I should do. I would kind of like to do more stuff with video blogging, but I'm not sure how well that would go over with this crowd. So this is YOUR chance to tell me what YOU would like me to do. The poll will run for one month...starting later this hour.

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TC said...

I just found this blog, while searching for information about Fox 19's "leggo my logo" thing they've been doing. I'm bookmarking you guys right away; this is great. Please keep up the great work.