Friday, March 27, 2009

Closeout Item for the week of March 23-27

This is, as promised, the roundup of the rest of this week. Sorry we didn't get to some of it sooner...and by the way, the DTV stuff will be in the separate TSDTVW blog. (Heh...long acronym.) Those include the latest on those coupons for discounted converter boxes...and another item from Rich Emery, who is dutifully keeping us updated on some of the other stuff associated with DTV.

Now to the other items of the week:

100 Reds Games in HD: Fox Sports Net released its schedule for HDTV games for the Reds, John Kiesewetter at the Enquirer reports...and more than half the season's broadcasts WILL be in HD. To be exact, HD will be used for alll but 45 of the network's telecasts (making 100 out of 145). The slate will begin with the Opening Day contest against the Mets of New York at 1pm April 6.

Oh yeah...that's 1 week from this coming Monday. (Reds fans around the Tri-State are counting down...)

The "Reds Live" pregame at 12:30pm will NOT be HD, nor will the replay at 7pm Opening Day night.

Followup to Harvey Replacements: We haven't really touched on this...but it looks like ABC Radio is settling on a combination of people to replace the late, great Paul Harvey.

Among those is former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who will be providing 5 minute "Huckabee Report" news and commentary segments.

And that brings us to a local clearance we hadn't recalled for Mr. Harvey, and now Governor Huckabee.

We didn't realize it, but when 700 WLW-AM dropped Harvey's features in April 2008, WDJO-AM 1160 scooped them up and aired them four times a day weekdays, plus Saturdays at 10am.

And those slots now will be Gov. Huckabee's you'll now hear those "Huckabee" reports at 6:40am, 8:40am, noon, and 6pm weekdays, in addition to that 10am Saturday slot.

It should also be noted that Huckabee hosts a self-titled show on Fox News Channel on Saturday nights at 8pm, in case you can't for some reason hear WDJO either over-air or online.

Radio Free Queen City Followup: We guess this is more a followup to the followup.

Normally, we won't toot our own horn here. But, who in the Tri-State broke the news of WVQC-FM 95.7's August launch first?

That's right...we did here at TSMW.

We never once saw an item from Kiese in the Enquirer until the other day.

We can't recall where else we saw the story...but it hasn't popped up on any TV station website that we've seen yet.

Heh. See what can happen when you twitter? It proves the power of social media today. We were the first to break this wide open only because of our twitter page, and the fact that the folks at WVQC jumped on board.

Of course, you can still send your tips the old-fashioned way, via email...and we encourage that for those who wish to do so. :-) Remember, the email address is

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