Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snowstorm 2009 Ratings

This has been well in thought for the last week. I wanted to give each station individual scores for their performance last week and again today in doing weather coverage.

WLWT: LAST WEEK'S STORM: B. Reasons: Great technology use with the dashcams on their newscasts. Stayed on the air during the worst of last week's storm. Today: B+ Slight improvement. Why: Did excellent at providing coverage today, going on air at 4pm and staying on straight through to 6:30, then did hourly updates after that.

WCPO: LAST WEEK: B-. Reasons: Technology for in-field is not as good as WLWT. Decent job at staying on air, BUT did cut to regular programming on day one. Today: B. Good job at coverage today.

WKRC: LAST WEEK: Solid A. Reasons: GREAT coverage on day two! We saw a lot of the GMC team, and that alone had to be difficult. Bob Herzog did fantastic coverage on Traffic. Today: A-. Once again, great coverage this afternoon. Ticker looked crisper today, too. Looks like a slight alteration to the graphic.

WXIX: LAST WEEK: A. Solid work by Steve Horstmeyer and Frank Marzullo. When weather breaks out in the tri-state, in my mind this is the team you want. They are very dedicated professionals. Today: A+! Steve was on air every so often during the entire evening. And not only that, he took time this evening to talk LIVE on a blog with the viewers, explain what was happening, and what would happen through the evening. That's a very good thing!

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