Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Piece of Administrative Business...

As a general reminder, once again, unless major news breaks out today, I won't be here...and even if it does, it may take me a couple hours to work my way in here.

I have made another administrative decision.

In the style of my friends at Ohio Media Watch, I've decided that this blog may not be regularly updated beginning Monday night.

In other words, I might take an unannounced hiatus for a couple of days once in a while, just to clear my head. (Of course, during non-active periods, there can be a two-day break between posts anyway!)

It also will affect how this blog reports on major (non-critical) stories.

Even if major news should happen to break while on hiatuses...unless it is CRITICAL information that the public needs immediately...I may not post it right away. Eventually of course, the stories will be posted, the information shared. It just might not be at a rapid pace.

Of course, if it is time-sensitive, such as the case with WKFS-FM offering free cell phone charges to any listener that could get in their office before the close of business (during the aftermath of Hurricane Ike which happened before the beginnings of this blog)...well that will be posted as SOON as we hear it.

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