Friday, February 13, 2009

DTV Thoughts...and former reporter sues Channel 9...

UPDATE 8 PM: And there go WDTN and WBDT...and maybe even WPTD.

We're now hearing that, in the complete disintegration of the plans to become the ONLY market in southwestern Ohio to go all-digital, WDTN 2 and WBDT 26 (Dayton's CW station) have filed to keep analog signals going past Tuesday.

As for WPTD...well, they're saying the following (from John Kiesewetter's Enquirer blog referenced in the original item below):

"ThinkTV is consulting with Washington counsel and the FCC. ThinkTV 16 (WPTD) is scheduled to begin digital-only broadcast at 12:01 AM on February 18 and is required to do so by the FCC as of now."

That sounds like second thoughts to me...the original post from just before 4 PM follows:

A couple week-ending items:

DTV Update: As the Former DTV Transition Day comes within four days...we can't make heads or tails of the local picture!

In the latest surprise, WHIO-TV 7, WKEF-TV 22, and WRGT-TV 45, all in Dayton, have postponed their shutdowns. In the case of WHIO, that'll be May 3, and in the case of WKEF/WRGT which are both owned by Sinclair, that shutdown will happen on the New DTV Transition Day of June 12.

WDTN 2 is still going to shutoff analog on Tuesday, at least, as far as we know. We won't even speculate on if they've filed to delay, or if WSTR-TV 64 is going to go ahead with their planned shutdown. (UPDATE 4PM: WSTR has just told John Kiesewetter this afternoon that they WILL go all-digital on Tuesday night.) Anybody within range of that signal, let us know on Tuesday night if WDTN does shutoff...and same with WSTR. Report to us either on the blog, or by emailing us at

Quinlivan Sues WCPO 9: Former I-Team reporter Laure Quinlivan sued WCPO-TV 9 in federal court, accusing the station of gender, age and pregnancy discrimination, reports the Enquirer today.

The Enquirer says that when Quinlivan came back from her maternity leave in 2006, the station wouldn't be flexible with her schedule and took her off of the I-Team, which was WCPO's investigative unit.

The suit seeks an unspecified amount of damages.

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