Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A quick update on our poll question...

We started a poll last week asking if YOU, the readers of Tri-State Media Watch, were ready for the DTV switch, whenever it would occur.

So far, all but ONE person says they ARE ready, and that one vote isn't a "No" but rather a "Somewhat".

Remember, "Somewhat" means that you have at least one analog TV that doesn't have a converter, or a cable or satellite hookup.

The poll closes Friday.

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emery_r said...

It seems unlikely that anyone savvy enough to be on-line and blogging about this subject is going to be unprepared for DTV -- pointing out a problem with self-selected polls (like WKRC's daily polls!), which are notoriously unreliable as a way to predict anything about an entire population.

To dredge up a famous but REALLY ancient example, way back in 1936, a publication called "Literary Digest" predicted a landslide victory for Alf Landon over FDR, based on questionnaires mailed to readers. Its readers were far more Republican than the general population, so the prediction was completely wrong. The magazine soon went out of business.

Anyway, I'd be very surprised to see even one "no" vote in this poll.

Found an interesting item from BGSU on the DTV transition:
The news release lacks details, but the conclusion is that public broadcasting is doing a much better job educating its viewers, who are much more informed and ready for DTV, and is also doing much more to exploit the potential of DTV through multiple sub-channels and new programming, etc. This is almost certainly true!