Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Administrative Announcement About The Weekend.

This weekend, Your Tri-State Media Watcher is going to put this blog on a hiatus for a couple of days. And not just Saturday/Sunday, but Thursday and Friday also.

Thursday, I have a scheduled DJ shift, then I have to prepare for my Friday.

Friday morning, I have a 9am Social Security appointment, followed by a trip to Cincy to guest DJ for the same station I work for (it's a guest day because I don't usually work Fridays), then to a local eating establishment where I will meet my father and, very likely, head to Hamilton, Ohio to spend Friday night.

I will be back to TSMW for a post-hiatus wrapup on Monday (or if major news breaks Thursday or Friday). My Personal Thoughts blog will have at least one post on Saturday, but I am going to try to stay away from the keyboard most of this weekend.

~Jeremy Moses
Editor of TSMW

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