Tuesday, February 10, 2009

KET to pull the analog plug Tax Day

We've gotten word that the Kentucky Educational Television network WILL pull their analog transmitters off the air...but not on February 17 OR June 12, rather in between.

The 16 transmitters, including WCVN 54 (moving to digital 24) from Covington and WKON 52 Owenton (which will be on digital 44), will shut off as a group, according to a press release today, on April 15th.

They join WSTR-TV 64 (Moving to digital 33) and WPTO-TV 14 (moving to digital 28), as well as all Dayton stations, in moving before the scheduled June 12 date.

All the other stations in the Tri-State will move as early as May 21, but no later than June 12.


emery_r said...

Could you clarify some of the wording in this item? As far as I know, only three stations in the Cincinnati/Dayton markets are truly "moving" when their analog signals are shut off -- most are already using their final digital channel, but display on-screen as their old analog channel number.

Dayton's WPTD-16, currently using 58 for digital, will flash back to 16 next week, and Dayton/Springfield's WBDT-26, currently on 18 for digital, will similarly flash back to 26.

Cincinnati's WKRC-12, now on 31 for digital, will also flash back to its original Ch. 12 in June.

Other than those stations, everything I've seen indicates no additional changes in broadcast channels after analog dies.

Last issue -- I'm still wondering if either WLWT or WXIX (or any other station) will agree to participate in the analog Nightlight Program after the DTV transition. WHIO is doing so in Dayton, and those two Cincy stations are pre-authorized by the FCC. It would be a public service if one station would do so here!

emery_r said...

Found the answer to my own Nightlight question -- the FCC's list of stations indicates Cincinnati's WSTR-64, and Dayton's WDTN-2, WHIO-7, WKEF-22 and WRGT-45 will all offer Nightlight service after switching off regular analog broadcasts. Good for them -- this is a public service that may help convince the FCC to allow Dayton to dump analog all at once.

Tri-State Media Watch said...

You're quite right about the "moving" deal. Yes, 64, 52, and 54 are sticking with the digital channels they were using before...I didn't word it correctly, but in my own defense, I was typing this particular post while still half-asleep. (Note to self: Never try blogging while half-asleep, again...)

12 will jump from 31 to 12, and 16 will go to 16 from 58.